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Fully funded PhD lines for OpenSCAD superusers

Joshua Pearce
Fri, Sep 10, 2021 10:07 AM

Hi Everyone -

I just started a new engineering faculty position at Western University in Canada -a top 1% global university. My mandate is to spin up an internationally-leading free and open source hardware lab (Free Appropriate Sustainable Technology (FAST) research group. My past work was greatly enhanced by OpenSCADs power to solve everyone's problems with a solid parametric design and I am indebted to many of you for your great work. Now I am in a position to give back a little and fund several OpenSCAD super users for higher degrees. I have several fully funded PhD lines available now/starting in the near future.

We do a lot of work on RepRap 3-D printing and want to push distributed recycling and additive manufacturing (DRAM). If you are interested please follow these directions to apply. Top students interested in a MSc will also be considered.


Joshua M. Pearce, Ph.D.
John M. Thompson Chair in Information Technology and Innovation
Thompson Centre for Engineering Leadership & Innovation
Ivey Business School
Western University Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering