[OpenSCAD] Function to return the Opposite value

Alex Gibson alex at alexgibson.net
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	oppositeThing = 1-isThing;

So if isThing is 1, oppositeThing is 0, and if isThing is 0, oppositeThing
is 1.

I sometimes also use this as a dirty way of enabling or disable whole chunks
of code, by putting it within a scale fubction - IE

module thingwithtwoversions()
		Your module, primary version
		Your module, alternate version

This can be done more intelligently using logical if statements but this way
is quick to insert!

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I want to define a value at the top of my program:

	isThing=1;  // isThing can be 0 or 1

But later on I need to be able to use the opposite value.  
	1 if isThing==0 or
	0 if isThing==1

Note that this needs to be a number, not a boolean because I will be
multiplying vectors by it.

I am happy with either defining a variable or using a function to get this
opposite value.

How can I do this?

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