[OpenSCAD] DXF for cut and engrave

A. Craig West acraigwest at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 07:35:51 EDT 2019

The problem is that the slicer is purely hypothetical. I think it is
something that should be created, but the current state of the art is 2d
paths, which openscad doesn't do

On Wed, 30 Oct 2019, 07:06 Rob Ward, <rl.ward at bigpond.com> wrote:

> Surely if OpenSCAD could produce coloured and layered elevations, the
> "slicer" (or any number of variants) could do the rest?
> Cheers, RobW
> On 30 October 2019 8:14:49 pm AEDT, "A. Craig West" <acraigwest at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> The  essential problem is that there is currently no work flow for laser
>> cutters that allows you to use the output from openscad directly,
>> essentially there is no slicer. In an ideal world, you would be able to use
>> openscad to produce 3d shapes representing the material cut away by the
>> laser, and the 'slicer' program would calculate the required beam paths and
>> intensity levels, but as the that doesn't exist yet, it's not a very useful
>> approach to take. For better or worse, laser cutter designs currently
>> consist of 2d open or closed paths, generally with colour used as a hint
>> for beam intensity. If openscad was able to produce output like this, it
>> would be immensely useful to a LOT of people almost immediately.
>> It also seems like far less work to modify openscad to support output
>> like this, than it would be to both create a slicer program for laser
>> cutters AND change the work flow of all of the people using laser cutters
>> On Wed, 30 Oct 2019, 04:30 Troberg, <troberg.anders at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> RevarBat wrote
>>> > In the BOSL2 library, the `stroke()` module can let you draw lines of a
>>> > given
>>> > width along a 2D polyline path, with optional arrows and/or endcaps for
>>> > either
>>> > end. The code for it relies on a lot of other features of the BOSL2
>>> > library, though
>>> > so it'd be a bit of work to extract that module out.
>>> The problem is that as soon as they have a width, the laser will cut
>>> twice.
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