[OpenSCAD] ClikScad - create OpenSCAD models without all the typing

Robin2 robin at nbleopard.com
Mon Oct 28 09:47:36 EDT 2019

Later ....

Modifying ClikScad so it produces OpenSCAD code that is compatible with the
Customizer has proved to be very easy and I will probably incorporate that
in the next version, primarily so that I don't alienate those who favour the

However from a practical point of view it seems to me that it would just
confuse ClikScad users to offer two ways of doing the same thing - ClikScad
and the Customizer. IMHO it would be easier for the user to make the changes
directly in ClikScad.

And on the subject of $variables, even though it was not the primary reason
for choosing to use them, they offer a very convenient means to trigger a
popup from which the user can select them and avoid the risk of typing
errors. So they will be staying. That may offend some programming purists
but I don't believe it will cause any irreparable damage to anyone's model.


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