[OpenSCAD] Proposal for extensions to the OpenSCAD syntax

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Sun Oct 27 20:13:34 EDT 2019

First note that the function literals are now
implemented, so the snapshot version of OpenSCAD
has functions as first class values which means
support for higher order functions.

I hope to find some time to collect notes and post
an article about it. Meanwhile the minimalist docu
can be found at

On 28.10.19 00:09, Hugo Jackson wrote:
> To start, I would propose an extension of the "dot"
> notation, that would allow one to refer to a value
> declaration and/or function or module component of
> another module with a dot.

Yes, having access to a nested data structure is
definitely something that would help a lot. The
core changes to the parser implementation that are
required for this are now done and merged to the
development snapshot.

But I don't think it will be possible to link to
the existing function and/or module definitions.

Slightly modified example, just adding a parameter
to module foo():

module foo(offset) {
	valueA = 7 + offset;

	function myFunc(num) = valueA + num;

module bar() {
	valueB = 8;

	valueC = foo.valueA + foo.myFunc(valueB);

translate([10, 10, 0]) foo(20);

bar(); // <- now what is valueC ?

> The second extension would be the election of three
> operations as 'reserved' functions, union, difference
> and intersection such that one could explicitly call
> that part of a module without calling the others:

I'm not sure I understand how this will work. Why
select specifically those 3 special cases?

Is that meant just as names or would that also mean
intersection() { bar(); foo(); } a bit like operator

> foo(); // would execute intersection(){difference(){union(){<union code>}<difference code>}<intersection code>}

Where's the nesting coming from? From the order of
the definitions?

> Please let me know… I didn’t want to bog this
> proposal down with details if it’s obvious, but in
> doing that I have taken the risk that the improvement
> And benefits of such extensions may not be evident.

Yes, more details are always good in that discussion.

See also https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/3087
which is implementing a similar proposal mostly as
reference for discussion.

More discussion can be found in

It would be great if we can find a definition that
works nicely as addition without breaking existing


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