[OpenSCAD] Node editing systems for 3D and drawing

Robin2 robin at nbleopard.com
Sun Oct 27 13:50:38 EDT 2019

OpenSCAD mailing list-2 wrote
> It's the description of connected block diagramming/programming tools ---
> the
> discussion of your program spurred the mention of Blender having such an
> interface, and I'd like to fill in any gaps on such systems.
> Is there some other terminology you feel would be better, or which you
> would
> prefer for describing Clikscad?

The word "node" conjured up in my mind the point where two sides of a
polygon intersect so I thought you were referring to something that would
make it easy to create or edit a polygon or its 3D equivalent.

I don't really have any suggestion for the terminology. 

I use the word "element" to describe the parts in one of my ClikScad models.
An element could be a cube, a sphere, a difference, a module etc.  When
ClikScad creates the OpenSCAD code every one of those will be in an OpenSCAD
module as that seemed to me the simplest way for my Python code to do


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