[OpenSCAD] 2D, 3D OpenSCAD Problem

Jordan Brown openscad at jordan.maileater.net
Fri Oct 25 22:19:52 EDT 2019

Like it says, you're not allowed to mix 2D and 3D objects.

circle( ) and text( ) yield 2D objects.  You need to linear_extrude( )
them to make them 3D.  (Or, since the linear extrusion of a circle is a
cylinder, just use cylinder().)

For simplicity, you might replace your text( ) calls with calls to a
module that extrudes the text, like so:

    module text3(s) {
        linear_extrude(height=0.1) text(s);

You probably want to re-examine your Z placement of the various
objects.  You have the bar itself starting at about -1.2, the circles at
0, and the text at 0.72.  The top of the bar is at about 1.2.

Note that even this tiny file triggers this failure:


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