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Fri Oct 25 17:52:03 EDT 2019

Very hard for me to judge because I am such a long way from a newbie. I
think I started using OpenSCAD about 9 years ago and probably found it the
easiest language I have learnt, but I spent about 30 years as a
professional programmer and before that and was  making my own computers
and writing my own assemblers and compilers when I was a schoolkid and then
did a degree in computer engineering.

I don't think anybody who is a programmer would struggle to learn it and
they are the people it is aimed at. I can see a GUI could help somebody who
is not a programmer get started but are there many of those that would want
to use OpenSCAD? Why wouldn't they use Fusion360 or FreeCAD if they liked a
GUI based CAD?

I also felt the same about VHDL verses schematic entry for FPGA design. Yes
the schematic can be easier for a hardware designer but it is much quicker
to type HDL and not worry about laying out a schematic.

On Fri, 25 Oct 2019 at 22:13, Robin2 <robin at nbleopard.com> wrote:

> nophead wrote
> > Now that I am retired I prefer a simpler life and text seems simpler and
> > quicker to me for OpenSCAD.
> I fully appreciate that and it is no part of my agenda to get you (or
> anyone
> else who likes using text) to change.
> But I would be interested to know if you think a simple GUI would be useful
> for newbies?
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