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Fri Oct 25 15:51:36 EDT 2019

I always create full assembled models because a) I have to fit the plastic
parts around other off the shelf parts and b) my framework creates a full
bill of materials and assembly instructions. This is totally necessary
because a lot of my designs have hundreds of parts. and dozens of sub
assemblies. I often spend more time modelling the vitamins than I do the
printed parts.

This design is a case for an Enviro+ environmental sensors board that plugs
into an RPI Zero at right angles. There is also a particle counter module
and a tiny fan. Getting all the parts into a small space was a challenge
and the only way to do it is to model it as an assembly. I use the
customiser to switch different bits on an off in the view so I can see

The case is is a library item that is fully parametric. I can specify
arbitrary additions and subtractions as children. I added the optional
waves to see if it reduces the tendency to warp but I also like the
aesthetic. It does make it more difficult to have holes in the sides
because you can't have wavy bridges, so all apertures have 45 degree
chamfered surrounds that build out to a straight edge that can be bridged.

This is the BOM it produced.
Parts list
  1    1     Enviro+
  1    1     Fan 17mm x 8mm
  4    4     Heatfit insert M2
  1    1     Micro SD card
  4    4     Nut M2.5 x 2.2mm nyloc
  1    1     PMS5003 particle detector
  1    1     Pin header 20 x 2 right_angle
  1    1     Raspberry Pi Zero
  4    4     Screw M2 cap x 6mm
  2    2     Screw M2.5 pan x 6.4mm
  4    4     Screw M2.5 pan x 8mm
  3    3     Screw M3 pan x 6mm
  4    4     Washer M2 x 5mm x 0.3mm
  4    4     Washer M2.5 x 5.9mm x 0.5mm
  3    3     Washer M3 x 7mm x 0.5mm
  38    38    Total vitamins count
*3D printed parts*
  1    1    bulkhead.stl
  1    1    enviro_plus_case.stl
  1    1    enviro_plus_case_base.stl
  1    1    fan_jacket.stl
  3    3    foot.stl
  7    7    Total 3D printed parts count
And here are the printed parts that I designed:

[image: bulkhead.png]
[image: enviro_plus_case.png]
[image: enviro_plus_case_base.png]
[image: fan_jacket.png]
[image: foot.png]
The is quite small for my projects. The last one has 637 vitamins, 62
printed parts and 12 routed parts in 28 assemblies.

On Fri, 25 Oct 2019 at 20:20, Robin2 <robin at nbleopard.com> wrote:

> nophead wrote
> > Yes I have seen your video but what would the screen look like for the
> > design I am working on at the moment?
> >
> > It is 350 lines of code and it has taken me a couple of days.
> I suspect that you are not the type of user I have in mind for ClikScad.
> Indeed as far as I can see none of the recent Threads in this Fourm have
> been posted by newbies looking for assistance.
> My mind is very firmly focused on the person who would like to design the
> occasional part for their 3D printer without needing to take the trouble
> and
> the time to learn a 3D drawing product. I think OpenSCAD provides an
> excellent platform for that.
> /And I have to confess that I don't understand the purpose of a model as
> complex as yours - though it looks very impressive. In my mind I would
> model
> each of the parts separately so I could print them one at a time and I see
> no problem doing that with ClikScad./
> ...R
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