[OpenSCAD] ClikScad - create OpenSCAD models without all the typing

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Fri Oct 25 15:43:23 EDT 2019

On 25.10.19 10:30, Robin2 wrote:
> I don't know their names but I presume there are some
> people who act as the "guardian" of the OpenSCAD project.

I guess that would then be something like 90% Marius and
10% myself ;-).

> All I mean by "support" is a statement of encouragement

I can speak only for myself, but in my opinion it would
be nice to have some additional GUI support. There's
a lot of opportunities to do that, Customizer and the
latest auto-completion changes are a small step into
that direction. I personally prefer some integrated
solution though.
For example I'd love to have a GUI editable polygon
where you can do something like right click it and
edit via some 2D editor.
All that is supposed to be optional features that can
be ignored by people who don't need them.


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