[OpenSCAD] ClikScad - create OpenSCAD models without all the typing

Doug Moen doug at moens.org
Fri Oct 25 10:48:26 EDT 2019

@nophead: The problem is it is too sparse because typically one line of code becomes a box. So what happens to a design that is 350 lines?

If you have text and graphics and direct manipulation, then you can build a better user interface than what you can build using text and a keyboard alone. So it becomes a matter of user interface design.

2D layout can pack more information onto the screen then 1 dimensional text layout. A zooming user interface, plus hierarchical structure, can allow you to manage programs containing thousands of nodes.

Nuke (by Foundry) has an overview pane that shows the entire program zoomed out, and an edit pane where you are zoomed in to part of the program. A zooming user interface can display fewer details of a node when you are zoomed out (eg, only the module name) and more details when you are zoomed in (eg, the module name and the parameters).

Here's one way to represent hierarchy using node+wire. It would be better if each supernode had an optional title that is visible when zoomed out:

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