[OpenSCAD] ClikScad - create OpenSCAD models without all the typing

Alex Gibson alex at alexgibson.net
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Good point, this is making OpenSCAD almost like Scratch Junior, which is a very cool thing to have done, and something I’ve wondered about and definitely appreciate.  But for complex code it will be a lot of nested boxes!


One thing I would really like, which might actually exist, is a more powerful code editor which could do a running sense check because it knows Openscad code, and have options to zoom back to where variables are defined, etc.  Things that would really speed up and help keeping your head around big Openscad projects.


Also… if just clicking on a section of code could highlight the parts of the model that depend on it…. That would be amazing.  Not sure how feasible that is…?


I have a couple of designs that are 5000+ lines, and almost exclusively parametric.  One was laid out in a basic form and is a total nightmare to maintain – not that I did it badly, it’s just too much scrolling!  The other I broke out into separate .scad files a whole hierarchy of geometries, parts, subassemblies, major assemblies… it would be lovely to be able to navigate between them more intuitively. 


Something this makes me want to do is make myself some keyboard macros to insert certain snippets of frequently used OpenSCAD code, like text and Minkowkski etc…


The thing is that when you are really in the middle of a project and the ideas are flowing, my brain is able to work ahead and typing the code is not really slowing me down.  Then, going back over, is normally a text edit function. 




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Yes I have seen your video but what would the screen look like for the design I am working on at the moment?




It is 350 lines of code and it has taken me a couple of days. I am the worlds worst typist but that is not what takes the time. It is working out how the parts are going to fit together without clashes.


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Using the customizer forces one to use variables, and think about the model in those terms, which I believe helps.


The added complexity is worth it, though it would be nicer if it were more hierarchical.



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