[OpenSCAD] ClikScad - create OpenSCAD models without all the typing

Robin2 robin at nbleopard.com
Fri Oct 25 04:37:21 EDT 2019

JordanBrown wrote
> Were you trying it as a model designer, or as a model consumer wanting
> to customize somebody else's design?
> It isn't intended to make things easier for the model designer.  If
> anything, it makes things more complex.
> It's intended for a consumer who wants a box that somebody else
> designed, but wants it in *these* dimensions, with *these* options. 

I was looking at it as a designer because IIRC someone referred me to it as
an alternative to my proposed GUI.

>From what you say I can see how it can allow a designer to turn his
creations into a "consumer item" - and I have no quibble with that.

My interest is in creating a simpler interface for newbie designers.


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