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bradipao bradipao at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 03:34:05 EDT 2019

tp3 wrote
> On 24.10.19 18:59, bradipao wrote:
>> What is missing, in my opinion, is a collection of "best
>> practices" to follow when trying to draw something more
>> than a few cubes and cylinders. How to start a drawing of
>> a complex object?
> The last sentence already make clear that it's not part
> of the tutorial. "How To" is a different style of document
> which is important to have, but serves a different purpose
> compared to a tutorial.

I agree with you, but from my experience and from experience of people I
have introduced to openScad, the "tutorial" about how to draw cubes,
cylinders and spheres and how to translate/rotate, takes the first 15
minutes of anyone proficient with at least one programming language. After
the first 15 minutes this kind of user is basically helpless on how to
manage a design slightly more complex than a few cubes and a cylinder.

If the final target of this effort is to fill gaps in documentation, those
are the topics not yet covered (in my opinion), whichever the way (tutorial
or how-tos).

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