[OpenSCAD] DXF for cut and engrave

Troberg troberg.anders at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 03:08:01 EDT 2019

cacb wrote
> Constructive Solid Modelling cannot use points and lines in the main
> process.

So, have them outside the modelling logic. They are quite useful for
markings, measurement lines and so on. They are very useful for laser
cutting. But, neither of those applications need for them to interact with
other objects, they can easily be considered as a separate "layer" which
does not interact with anything else.

cacb wrote
> What is the typical file format you feed your laser cutter? Plain DXF?

Doesn't matter much, any 2D vector format works. I often use SVG, as it's an
understandable format that's easy to edit by hand if needed, but pretty much
anything can work.

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