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Robin2 robin at nbleopard.com
Thu Oct 24 16:22:40 EDT 2019

tp3 wrote
> A) Who is the "Customer"
> There's no clear answer to that and we don't have any
> means to track who is using OpenSCAD for what (nor are
> there plans to do that).

Thank you for taking the trouble to consider my comments.

I did not envisage research into the present user profile, rather that the
"OpenSCAD folks" should now decide on the sort of future user the Tuturial
should be aimed at.

> However as was said earlier, there is some kind of
> "natural" focus on the 3D printing area due to a number
> of reasons. 1) OpenSCAD was created to help with designing
> RepRap style 3d printers 2) The Thingiverse customizer
> may have introduced to quite a number of people doing
> 3d printing 3) OpenSCAD seems more suited to handle
> smaller designs that may want to be shared and modified
> in a straight forward way.
> So 3D printing is probably some kind of focus area and
> maybe also the main use case for explaining things in
> the tutorial,

I hear what you say about "no clear answer" but then (it seems to me) you
yourself (in the piece I have quoted) have actually provided a very clear
answer which I would be very happy to see as the focus for the Tutorial.

Someone else has mentioned " a collection of "best practices" " and I would
certainly not be in favour of extending a beginner's tutorial to include
that sort of thing. However I can see that it may be very useful as a
separate document. 


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