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Thu Oct 24 12:59:12 EDT 2019

Robin2 wrote
> The next thing that occurred to me is how the content of the tutorial
> seems
> a million miles away from the discussion in many (most?) of the Threads on
> this Forum - they tend to be about very esoteric problems in OpenSCAD, far
> beyond the scope of a beginner. However this is not a criticism of the
> Tutorial - I believe it should be aimed at beginners.

I think this is the most important topic: tutorial is aimed at beginners and
in my opinion is largely overlapped with current language manual.

What is missing, in my opinion, is a collection of "best practices" to
follow when trying to draw something more than a few cubes and cylinders.
How to start a drawing of a complex object? My first step is always where to
place origin of axis, because sometimes drawing can become quite simpler
with the right one. A best practice should show some cases and explain them.
Given a certain complex 3D shape, is it better to assemble some shapes, or
start from a big volume and remove some shapes? Obviously it depends on the
final object, and it is not unusual to find some users that build an object
with one hundred line of code, while with some smart technique can be
reduced to ten.

Moreover there is the huge topic of how to optimize designs for 3D printing,
a topic not strictly related to openscad, but that could be a strong
incentive for adopting the tool. For example, if design is targeted to 3D
printing, it is useless to achieve infinite precision, because everything
below 0.2mm is likely lost in print process, so design can be simplified and
even achieve a better final result.

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