[OpenSCAD] OpenSCAD Tutorial - Google Season of Docs

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Thu Oct 24 12:32:35 EDT 2019

Thanks for the feedback so far, I'll try to collect answers
in this post so it will be a bit longer :-)...

First I want to highlight that I'm not the one doing
the writing, I'm only handling the organizational things
and trying to spread the word.
Thanks for all the work goes to Themistoklis who
presented the outline of the tutorial in this earlier

Also big thanks to Ryan who is helping a lot with
feedback and suggestions on the OpenSCAD IRC channel.

On 23.10.19 10:02, Robin2 wrote:
A) Who is the "Customer"

There's no clear answer to that and we don't have any
means to track who is using OpenSCAD for what (nor are
there plans to do that).
However as was said earlier, there is some kind of
"natural" focus on the 3D printing area due to a number
of reasons. 1) OpenSCAD was created to help with designing
RepRap style 3d printers 2) The Thingiverse customizer
may have introduced to quite a number of people doing
3d printing 3) OpenSCAD seems more suited to handle
smaller designs that may want to be shared and modified
in a straight forward way.

So 3D printing is probably some kind of focus area and
maybe also the main use case for explaining things in
the tutorial, I think it should be targeted at pretty
much everyone who wants to learn how to use it for
whatever reason. So far we have no official tutorial at
all, so starting out with a very specific use case seems
not useful.

On 23.10.19 10:02, Robin2 wrote:
B) Introduction chapter

Yes, I totally agree that should be added. My experience
is that this should be written last though. It still
makes sense to discuss that to shape the focus (and that
includes topic A as well).

On 23.10.19 10:02, Robin2 wrote:
C) Starting too slow (too boring?)

I think that might be part of the introduction to guide
people to a good starting point. Someone who has never
seen OpenSCAD in action before might like to see the
boring details while others may want to start at a
point where it gets more interesting (and complicated).

On 23.10.19 10:02, Robin2 wrote:

That's an interesting topic and I do have a number of
ideas but that's out of scope for the tutorial.

On 24.10.19 10:16, Parkinbot wrote:
E) Orthogonal view

Interesting point, I did not really notice that yet.
But what I want in the finished version is that we have
all the code in a special repo together with some
scripts to generate the images. That way we can have
all screenshots in the same style and also update easily
in case there are changes.
It's not yet filled with content, but the repo can be
found at:

I don't see the different views as topic of the tutorial
itself, but the introduction chapter could have some
pointers to the user manual.

On 24.10.19 16:34, Ronaldo Persiano wrote:
F) Introduce cube() and other primitives as functions

I don't understand that point. I can't find the word
"function" in any of the PDFs.

On 24.10.19 16:39, Ronaldo Persiano wrote:
G) text seems more like a manual than a tutorial

Could you elaborate on that? What would it need to be more


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