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It seems inappropriate to me to introduce cube() and other primitives as
functions. They get arguments and deliver some result but that is the only
common ground between them. Latter, when functions and modules will be
discussed, this will cause troubles.

A terça, 22/10/2019, 17:11, Torsten Paul via Discuss <
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> As we are now in the middle of the GSoD timeline, here's
> an update of what happened so far.
> We decided that the final place for the tutorial will
> be also on Wikibooks, some initial pages are places there
> to register the book name, but it's not the latest state
> of documentation.
> (https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_Tutorial)
> For now the ongoing work can be found on our file server
> as PDF files per chapter:
>   http://files.openscad.org/tutorial/
> If you have some time to spare, please have a look and
> provide feedback on what's good and/or what should be
> improved. Also examples that could be used for later
> chapters could be very helpful.
> ciao,
>   Torsten.
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