[OpenSCAD] DXF for cut and engrave

Troberg troberg.anders at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 09:12:19 EDT 2019

nophead wrote
> The problem is a laser doesn't cut a line with zero thickness but people
> pretend it does.
> You can model any object a laser can produce in OpenSCAD. What is needed
> is
> a CAM stage for lasers that creates the tool path, just as 3D printing and
> milling. For some reason the CAM stage is ignored when laser cutting.

No, quite the contrary, we rely on it having some thickness, but we can't
model it with thickness, because that would make the laser cut twice.

We do have a CAM stage. In my case, I use LightBurn, and it does create a
tool path. But, for example, a living hinge, requires lines of minimum width
(ie the kerf of the laser, typically around 0.1 mm). The way OpenSCAD works,
I would need to model them as very narrow rectangles, which causes the laser
to cut twice (slow, cuts a wider line, leaves more charring and increase the
tendency of the material to cach fire). Sure, LightBurn can remove
overlapping lines, but as it's a very narrow rectangle, they won't overlap,
they'll just be very close to each other.

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