[OpenSCAD] DXF for cut and engrave

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Thu Oct 24 05:56:15 EDT 2019

The problem is a laser doesn't cut a line with zero thickness but people
pretend it does.

You can model any object a laser can produce in OpenSCAD. What is needed is
a CAM stage for lasers that creates the tool path, just as 3D printing and
milling. For some reason the CAM stage is ignored when laser cutting.

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> OpenSCAD mailing list wrote
> > On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 11:10:03AM -0700, WillAdams via Discuss wrote:
> >>I have probably missed part of this discussion, but for me: I use
> > openscad to design a box for a project in 3D and then I lay the pieces
> > flat and send the outline to be laser-cut.
> OpenSCAD is heavily oriented towards 3D-printing, and, to some extent,
> leaves us laser cutter guys out in the cold, or at least requiring us to
> make irritating workarounds.
> For example, a line is useless in 3D-printing, but extremely useful in
> laser
> cutting (google "living hinge" for a good example).
> I really hope that considerations for laser cuttings will enter into the
> plan for OpenSCAD, it would mean a lot to us. 3D-printing is just too slow,
> has too small work area and too limited in materials available to be useful
> for me.
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