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Robin2 robin at nbleopard.com
Tue Oct 22 16:06:11 EDT 2019

This is very interesting.

The first thing that occurred to me is a question I have posed in this Forum
before - who is the "customer?" or, "what sort of user is OpenSCAD trying to
attract?" And "what is the purpose of using OpenSCAD?" or "why would one
want to use OpenSCAD?"

I think it would actually be useful to have an introductory chapter that
sets these things out clearly because doing so will {A} give the author(s)
focus and {B} forestall comments that are unrelated to the purpose of the
tutorial and {C} give the reader the information to decide whether or not to
read the Tutorial.

I hope the aim is to attract anyone who is looking for a convenient way to
create a 3D model (most likely for 3D printing) using a program that has a
fairly easy learning curve.

The next thing that occurred to me is how the content of the tutorial seems
a million miles away from the discussion in many (most?) of the Threads on
this Forum - they tend to be about very esoteric problems in OpenSCAD, far
beyond the scope of a beginner.

As far as the content is concerned, I wonder if there is rather too much of
the "follow along". I suspect it may be challenging the reader's attention
span, especially with the modern tendency to expect everything in a
sound-bite. That might be alleviated with an index and a style that allows
the reader to skip to the parts that interest him or her. However that would
require that a person could start at (say) Chapter 4 without needing to have
created his Chapter 4 starting point by working through all the stuff in the
earlier chapters. Perhaps there could be a simple way to download all the
script that would be needed at the start of Chapter 4. (By the way I just
mention Chapter 4 at random for illustration).

Finally (for now) if (as I hope) the aim is to attract users from all walks
of life and not just those with prior programming experience I believe some
effort should be put into creating an easy to use GUI front end for
OpenSCAD. I gave some details of my own attempt to do so (ClikScad) in a
recent Forum Thread. I am not claiming any greatness for my own attempt  but
I hope it may provide a basis for discussion about the idea of a GUI.


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