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The problem is OpenSCAD can only model solid objects, not laser tool paths.

The correct model for an engraved line would be a shallow trench with a
width equal to the laser beam width. I.e. it would be a 3D object and laser
host software won't process it.

I plan to build my own laser cutter next year and if I do I will write my
own CAM software to handle STLs. In the laser world the CAM step seems to
be missed out because the kerf is so small. The design modelled in a vector
art packages is the tool path.

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> I think this has been raised before but I would like to be able to export a
> single DXF file containing both parts for cutting (like an outline) and
> parts for engraving (inside the outline). I don't really need them to be
> distinguished by color but it would be nice if all parts could be in a
> single DXF file - currently I only get the outline and have to export two
> DXFs and merge in the laser cutter software.
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