[OpenSCAD] recursion limit on concat()

kitwallace kit.wallace at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 05:52:08 EDT 2019

Hi thehans

Thanks for the pointer - sorry I missed your work earlier - my L-system
doesn't handle moves nor pop and push so that's very useful.  My code
generates a list of points first, then the curve or a polygon as a separete
step because I'm particularly interested in fractals which tesselate - like
the 5-rep-tile  ["5-rep-tile", "F-F-F-F-", [["F", "F+F-F"]], 90] and
terdragon boundary ["Terdragon boundary", "A-B--A-B--", [["A","A+B"],
["B","A-B"]],  60]. I like your handling of F synonyms and will steal that. 


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