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Sun Oct 13 11:29:09 EDT 2019

Polyholes should always print the correct size if square holes print the
right size on your printer. If not the printers needs calibrating or the
slicer settings are wrong.

The way it works is the vertex count is reduced enough to ensure the
corners don't cut into the circle even when the plastic cuts the corner, so
the hole diameter is set by the flat sides of the polygon. They are outset
correctly to be on the circle, so if your printer prints straight lines in
the right place the hole should be accurate.

On Sun, 13 Oct 2019 at 16:23, adrianv <avm4 at cornell.edu> wrote:

> nophead wrote
> > To make the slot I would subtract the hull of two cylinders, or use my
> > slot
> > module https://github.com/nophead/NopSCADlib#Polyholes
> Has this evolved since the original hydroraptor post?  I tried it a month
> ago on my Prusa Mk3 and the polyholes weren't even close to the right
> size.
> Of course, at this point I don't remember exactly what was wrong, and I
> have
> three unmarked test prints with different size holes.
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