[OpenSCAD] (newbie 1st post) Cutout with rounded edges

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Sun Oct 13 11:03:04 EDT 2019

To make the outside I would take the hull of four rounded cylinders placed
at the corners. You can find those in my library:

To make the slot I would subtract the hull of two cylinders, or use my slot
module https://github.com/nophead/NopSCADlib#Polyholes

If I wanted the slot at the origin I would simply model it at 0,0 and place
the corners where they should be relative to that.

On Sun, 13 Oct 2019 at 15:51, <wellidontknow at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hey there,
> new to OpenSCAD (and CNC in general).
> I have found a couple tutorials of how to make a cube with rounded edges,
> but that's not what I'm after ;)
> I have a wooden plate for an enclosure, and it needs a cutout in the shape
> of the cross section of a typical pill / capsule, i.e. a long-ish rectangle
> with a half circle at each end.
> The out-side of that plate should have rounded-off edges (i.e. that side
> will be pointing UP on the CNC table)
> How would I do that with OpenSCAD primitives?
> A box for the plate, and then subtract a box and 2 cylinders from it,
> sometihg like that? (ok, that would not have rounded edges)
> And how would I, in a clever way automatically calculating this
> independently from some detail changes, (re-)position the whole thing such
> that the center of that cutout is at the origin (0,0) of the model?
> (I have no clue, but my gut feeling tells, me, homing in on that (center
> marking) should be easier, after getting the orientation of a clamped-down
> wood plate right enough, than going from corners with some edge sensing
> tool, that I don't have yet anyway)
> OT side note: any recommendations for free or affordable CAM software for
> this kind of stuff, and tools helping to calculate feed parameters and such?
> I have zero clue about all of this.
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