[OpenSCAD] Difference between modelling with Openscad and Freecad

macdarren macdarren at mac.com
Thu Oct 3 16:38:00 EDT 2019


I read but did not totally follow your plan for how you would do the 'robot
arm, ring example'
I am re-reading also studying-up on some points of OpenSCAD, now....

I am mostly a casual user and I am sure the issue is my inexperience with
the language.  I have not really used OpenSCAD functions and I am only now
learning how the 'children' process works and as for using 'multmatrix' I
have never felt the need to use it, or maybe I did but didn't know it.

Do you have some simple code you could post that would show how you use
functions and positioning modules to achieve this?  Obviously it doesn't
have to actually contain complex objects even simple rectangular cubes as
place holders would suffice.  What I want to see is how you would nest these
positioning modules and use functions to feed position modules and return
positions to other modules needing the position information.

I would still like some ability to query objects, especially those that form
hard to compute (for me) angles or positions where I need to insert items. 
Using the method you outline might suffice for many things that are done
100% OpenSCAD.


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