[OpenSCAD] Extending OpenSCAD from assembler to C or Perlish language and adding standard library

Robin2 robin at nbleopard.com
Wed Oct 2 18:15:00 EDT 2019

tp3 wrote
> That sounds a bit like the library support I played
> with long time ago.
> http://files.openscad.org/video/screencast-library-window.webm

Yes, quite like that. Do you consider that to be helpful for a novice?

The program I am working on is written in Python and the Python GUI part is
separate from Openscad. The Python program writes the Openscad file and
Openscad displays the preview - as far as Openscad is concerned it's like
using an external editor.

Either way the user does not have to worry about the syntax.


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