[OpenSCAD] Difference between modelling with Openscad and Freecad

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Wed Oct 2 09:07:44 EDT 2019

 I am of the opinion that if one creates OpenSCAD code in a parametric manner, it is not necessary to query an object. By creating the object in this way, you've "told" OpenSCAD everything that you'd need to know later. 

cube([10, 20, 5]); definition is fine for many.cube([b_width, b_depth, b_height]); allows for referencing those assignments as often as necessary. If location is important, having parametric values in a translate command provides that information for future use.
I learned this method from another OpenSCAD user, many moons ago, and I'm thankful for having been put on the right track. As I assist others in our makerspace, I do my best to pass along what I've learned.

    On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 6:35:37 AM EDT, Robin2 <robin at nbleopard.com> wrote:  
 I don't mean the user-interface, which is obviously very different between
Openscad and Freecad. Different people like different interfaces but anyone
could learn either or both of them if necessary.

It seems to me there is a more fundamental difference. With Freecad (and
other similar CAD programs) you can define an object and later "ask
questions" about that object. For example you can select a point that is the
corner of a cube and it will tell you the coordinates in 3D space. And you
can locate the surface of a face of the cube even though it may have been
rotated or scaled.

However with Openscad the process of defining a model is mono-directional.
You define the object (such as a cube) and you can have no further
interaction with it. You cannot "ask questions".

Is this a fair assessment, or am I completely muddled?

As I see it very many projects can be created with an Openscad approach -
i.e. without ever needing to be able to "ask questions". But I suspect there
are some projects where the ability to easily locate a point or a surface of
an existing object would be essential. And for those cases Openscad would
not be an option.


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