[OpenSCAD] Extending OpenSCAD from assembler to C or Perlish language and adding standard library

arnholm at arnholm.org arnholm at arnholm.org
Wed Oct 2 07:39:13 EDT 2019

On 2019-10-02 07:28, MichaelAtOz wrote:
> I'm not having a go at Linux, I was being specific, the last OpenSCAD
> Multi-thread approach, seems to work much of the time on Windows (but 
> did
> produce bad geometry sometimes), when I ran it on Debian, it crashed 
> most of
> the time.

I am not implying you are having a go at Linux. What you are describing 
is likely a software design/implemntation issue, and not an operating 
system issue.

Carsten Arnholm

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