[OpenSCAD] Difference between modelling with Openscad and Freecad

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Yes you can't query the geometry in OpenSCAD but I never need to do that
because I specify the geometry precisely with maths.

I don't make anything with hand tools, so I don't need dimensioned
drawings. I make my designs so that they fit around parts they need to
mount or mate with. I don't care what the final dimensions are, they are
often far from round numbers due to the build up of parameters and
clearances and radii. If I want to sanity check something, I examine the
STL in NetFabb before printing it.

Before OpenSCAD I used CoCreate but since switching to OpenSCAD I would
never consider a GUI based CAD system because I a computer programmer, not
a mechanical design engineer. I can't even sketch anything in 3D and have
difficulty imagining 3D shapes. I start with a mental model of how the non
printed parts need to be arranged and design the plastic around them.

On Wed, 2 Oct 2019 at 11:35, Robin2 <robin at nbleopard.com> wrote:

> I don't mean the user-interface, which is obviously very different between
> Openscad and Freecad. Different people like different interfaces but anyone
> could learn either or both of them if necessary.
> It seems to me there is a more fundamental difference. With Freecad (and
> other similar CAD programs) you can define an object and later "ask
> questions" about that object. For example you can select a point that is
> the
> corner of a cube and it will tell you the coordinates in 3D space. And you
> can locate the surface of a face of the cube even though it may have been
> rotated or scaled.
> However with Openscad the process of defining a model is mono-directional.
> You define the object (such as a cube) and you can have no further
> interaction with it. You cannot "ask questions".
> Is this a fair assessment, or am I completely muddled?
> As I see it very many projects can be created with an Openscad approach -
> i.e. without ever needing to be able to "ask questions". But I suspect
> there
> are some projects where the ability to easily locate a point or a surface
> of
> an existing object would be essential. And for those cases Openscad would
> not be an option.
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