[OpenSCAD] Extending OpenSCAD from assembler to C or Perlish language and adding standard library

Robin2 robin at nbleopard.com
Wed Oct 2 03:40:40 EDT 2019

JordanBrown wrote
> In your user interface, how would you do this?
> cylinder(h=10);
> translate([0,0,10]) {
>     rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(h=10,center=true);
>     rotate([90,0,0]) cylinder(h=10,center=true);
> }

The end product will be essentially the same but rather than remembering the
syntax for (say) rotate() the user just CLICKS to select a ROTATE and
provides the numbers 0, 90, 0 and the then CLICKS to select the object (the
cylinder) it is to be applied to. 

All the text for the code then gets written by the Python program without
any typos. 

Yours is a useful example of something I have noticed with Openscad.
Developing a model involves a lot of re-tracing of steps. 

For example, I create a cylinder.  
     Then I say "oops, I need to go back and rotate the cylinder". 
            Then "I now need to go back and translate the rotated cylinder". 

Maybe your mind is capable of envisaging the entire process and writing it
directly from top to bottom, but mine certainly is not.


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