[OpenSCAD] Using OpenSCAD to drive milling

Jordan Brown openscad at jordan.maileater.net
Tue Oct 1 16:38:06 EDT 2019

On 10/1/2019 1:25 PM, nop head wrote:
> I do 2D milling with PyCAM from DXF files produced with OpenSCAD. I
> think it can also import STL and do 3D milling but I haven't tried it yet.

Thanks.  (Though the crossed-out "Windows" in the list of supported
platforms is a problem for me.)

Just to make sure we're on the same page, I'm talking about a
bottom-of-the-line 3-axis mill, something that's able to move the bit in
X, Y, and Z, to carve down from the top of the material.  It cannot
rotate the bit into other orientations, so it cannot (e.g.) carve in
from the side.

This is what I have:

> On Tue, 1 Oct 2019 at 21:23, Jordan Brown
> <openscad at jordan.maileater.net <mailto:openscad at jordan.maileater.net>>
> wrote:
>     Does anybody use OpenSCAD to drive a 3D mill?  What tool chain do
>     you use?  Any hints?
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