[OpenSCAD] Library version on Debian nightly?

Michael Marx michael at marx.id.au
Sat Nov 30 01:22:33 EST 2019

A begin Linux question.

I had some difference in CGAL assertions on Debian, so I check Help/Library-info.

Left is Latest Windows snapshot, right is Debian Nightly via Mate Synaptic update.



Synaptic properties, OpenSCAD-nightly, installed version  20191124T175806.gitf72dddadf+3425.1


Does it build OpenSCAD and use whatever version of libraries are already here? 

The Dependencies list has libcgal12 with no (>=nnn), and a few other without it too, and at the end
'Conflicts:openscad-nightly' x 2.

I presume that absence of (>=nnn) means that I have the lower version installed and hence the

I didn't see any errors in the upgrade.


Do I need to manually upgrade those libraries? 


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