[OpenSCAD] Infamous warnings

Michael Frey michael.frey at gmx.ch
Fri Nov 29 14:36:31 EST 2019

On 28.11.19 20:19, Ronaldo Persiano wrote:
> DEPRECATED: Using ranges of the form [begin:end] with begin value
> greater than the end value is deprecated.
> Is there no way to provide some hint were the problem was found?

Good idea to tackle that.

I am working on it:

The issue was/is that at the point where DEPRECATED warning is created I
do not have access to context (the context contains the location).

So, I have to move the warning "up to chain".

I need to dwell a bit about the details.

The bold approach would be to change the DEPRECATED to ERROR.

On the other-hand, currently


is not even a warning.

In this example with constants it is obviously an error, but if the
range is defined with a variable that generated by a loop it can both be
very intentional and hard to debug.

With Kind regards,

Michael Frey

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