[OpenSCAD] OpenSCAD in a browser

Bryan Lee leebc11 at acm.org
Sun Nov 24 08:51:34 EST 2019

I used ScorchCAD on my Android tablet last year.  Available in the Google
Play store.
It's supposed to have most but not all of the functionality of desktop
OpenSCAD but at an older version.  
It worked ok for me last year (save often!) but I couldn't get it to
generate the model I copied over a few weeks ago.  I just haven't looked at
it since.
Also serves as an STL viewer.

> > I rarely travel, but will be doing so in the next month.  It would be useful to be able to work on OpenSCAD designs while away. Are there  any web sites that provide an OpenSCAD that works in a browser (on an Android tablet, which I guess means Chrome)?  I know that there are things like OpenJSCAD, but while they are similar, you cannot just take the code from one to the other.

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