[OpenSCAD] Monitor Mount

adrianv avm4 at cornell.edu
Sat Nov 23 21:26:17 EST 2019

I wrote a module specifically to handle this sort of problem.  My module,
offset_sweep, constructs a polygon from a set of polygons offset from a
given polygon.  You have to supply the starting shape as a point sequence
rather than geometry.   I contributed by function to the BOSL2 library.  

Here's the code:


fillet_radius = 10;
mount_width = 15;
mount_length = 75;

rectangle = square([mount_width, mount_length],center=true);
round_rectangle = round_corners(rectangle, measure="radius",
offset_sweep(round_rectangle, height=50,

And here's the result, which previews in 1s and renders in 3s on my machine.  


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