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I think you mean that you want to re-create a part like this one, and you
want to be able to do the curved 'fillet' between the main plate and the
raised mount.

The way you can do this is to make the plate and the mount so that they
overlap, and put both inside a union() {.....}

Make the mount wider than you want it to be, by 2x the radius of the fillet
you want.

Translate the parts so that the TOP surface of the plate on Z=0.

Then, you want to take a cylinder with the radius of the fillet you want,
make it easily long enough to be wider than the whole part.  Rotate it over
so that it is in line with the fillet you want to make.
Translate it up to Z=fillet radius, so it is lying on the surface of the
plate. Translate it horizontally so its centre overlaps the EXTRA width of
the mount, and its edges are at the correct width.
Now, copy that cylinder, paste it and translate the copy in Z so it is way
above the  parts.  Then put both inside a hull() {.....}

Use difference() to cut the new cylinder hull out of the union above.  Then
copy-paste the cylinder hull over to the other side to do the same on the
other side.

This should get you what you are after! 

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How an we do The Soft connection to the plate in OpenSCad

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