[OpenSCAD] Help Request... Channel for a LED strip

Parkinbot rudolf at digitaldocument.de
Wed Nov 20 08:25:37 EST 2019

Your verbal specifiation is not very precise. Better make a hand drawing to
show what you mean. I read your request that you basically need a spiral
made from a wire with a rectangled shape being pitched. That means something
like this: 


To produce it, you can download my " springs and spiralmaker
<https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3252637>  " project, which I just
modified to also accept a pitch parameter. 

The code to generate the shown pitched spring would be: 

use <springs.scad>
spring(R=100, windings=5, w=5, h=10, pitch=25); 

Please read the thingiverse project carefully and note that the spiral
cannot/maynot self-intersect. To get a closed channel with the spiral as
inner threading you can try to difference it from an appropriate ring: 

  $fn = 60; 
  cylinder(r=120, h = 150, center = true); 
  cylinder(r=102, h = 151, center = true); 
  spring(R=100, windings = 5, w=10, h=10, pitch = -25); 

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