[OpenSCAD] Help Request... Channel for a LED strip

Hugo Jackson hugo at apres.net
Mon Nov 18 13:30:54 EST 2019

I've encountered a design problem that is beyond my limited geometry skills so I thought I would email the group in case there's someone who could give me some information as to how I might go about solving the problem.
I'm working with a typical LED strip which I want to provide a spiral channel for. That in itself is straightforward but leaves a vertical channel that has all the LED's facing inward. So I imagine that by angling the channel I can get the LED's to face more forward. To my intuition this would have the result that the channel would have a natural pitch or space between vertical channel layers so that the non-flexible width of the strip is not compromised and the amount of that pitch and perhaps even the radius of the spiral at any given point could be computed by the angle of the channel.
So unless I'm mistaken about the trajectory of an angled channel in a spiral, can anyone supply me with the equation for plotting the path of a helical spiral according to the angle of the strip? 

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