[OpenSCAD] Discuss manifoldness, co-incident faces edges etc

Michael Marx michael at marx.id.au
Sat Nov 16 22:28:08 EST 2019



Doug wrote:

3D printing hardware is somewhat crippled by the software used to drive it. Most slicers only
accept mesh representations of 3D solids, and that's a problem. We've already discussed one issue,
which is STL's problem with representing the 2 cubes model. Other mesh formats like OBJ and 3MF
solve that problem. 



What is happening with OpenSCAD 3MF export?

For the two-cube in question it gets:

EXPORT-WARNING: Export failed, the object isn't a valid 2-manifold.

3MF export finished: C:/Users/MeB/Documents/3D-REPRAP/Things/My


Doug, you have said you'd like OpenSCAD to


Support export of valid 3MF files (with correct topology information included, unlike today)


What does 3MF (corrected) say the two-cube would be?



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