[OpenSCAD] User Poll: What do you want to see from OpenSCAD development?

lar3ry lar3ry at sasktel.net
Thu Nov 14 12:33:08 EST 2019

The Arduino scheme is such that you do not have to put in the entire path.
For example, in the Arduino IDE, I can have:

#include <stepper.h>

and the actual file loaded is fetched from <OPENSCADPATH >/Stepper/Stepper.h

   OpenSCAD looks at the OPENSCADPATH environment variable for places to
find libraries.

> 1. Have a way of integrating custom libraries at the openscad level, i
> currently do "import(../../../project/projectfile.scad)" and it's a little
> tedious, a basic library path like the Arduino app has would be cool

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