[OpenSCAD] Discuss manifoldness, co-incident faces edges etc

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Tue Nov 12 21:25:24 EST 2019

However, when I was learning, manifoldness, and self-intersections, was a
hinderance, so having something to make life easier for beginner or casual
users could be worthwhile.

That then goes back to some means to tell OpenSCAD that you'd like it to
help out.

So when do we need help?

Classic non-manifold:

a. share a point

  translate([-10,-10,-10]) cube(10);

b. share an edge

  translate([-10,-10,0]) cube(10);

c. share a face - at an angle - not always a problem

  rotate([PI,PI,PI]) {
    translate([  0,-10,  0]) cube(10);
    translate([ 10,-10,  0]) cube(10);

Then there are probably many others.

Can we help with these? 
Can they be readily identified in more complex geometry?

Would there be easily categorised resolution strategies/algorithms?

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