[OpenSCAD] Discuss manifoldness, co-incident faces edges etc

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Tue Nov 12 20:32:03 EST 2019

When two co-incident faces are parallel to a primary axis it is likely that
the geometry algorithms could conclude that they are indeed the same.

Once something is rotated (or curved), floating point inaccuracies makes
that unlikely, unless you then inject Fudge in the algorithm. There is
already a degree of Fudge in OpenSCAD, grids, usually that doesn't cause
issues, and sometimes makes things easier, but they have bitten me in the
arse at times.

What if you want to make two parts, but really close together, like a
one-print pair of pliers, but Fudge thinks the two parts are one?

I don't support injecting other Fudginess.

Thus, it falls to the programmer to indicate their desire for Fudge, some
people say epsilon, I like smidgeon.

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