[OpenSCAD] User Poll: What do you want to see from OpenSCAD development?

nop head nop.head at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 18:15:39 EST 2019

It would mean I could accidentally design non-printable object instead of
being told it was non-manifold. Also it would waste developer time changing
OpenSCAD to be able to represents non real objects.

OpenSCAD can't represents objects with more than 3 dimensions, with
dimensions of zero or infinity or imaginary numbers. All of these are
mathematically possible by why spend time extending OpenSCAD to generate
them when they are not physically possible?

On Tue, 12 Nov 2019 at 23:10, Jordan Brown <openscad at jordan.maileater.net>

> I think we'll need to agree to disagree here.
> I think it's inconvenient and awkward, and it's difficult to explain why
> shared edges are a problem and how to diagnose and correct them.  I know
> that it's a problem for me.
> It doesn't bother you.  OK.
> Supposing, hypothetically, that we had somebody who was able to spend the
> time to make this case not be an error, is there any reason why they
> *should not* do that work?  Is there any way that that flexibility would
> impair your ability to do what you want to do?
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