[OpenSCAD] User Poll: What do you want to see from OpenSCAD development?

nop head nop.head at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 02:19:41 EST 2019

   OpenSCAD looks at the OPENSCADPATH environment variable for places to
find libraries.


Since all real objects are 2-manifold I don't see why OpenSCAD needs to be
able to handle non-manifold designs. What advantage is it?

If you want to print two cubes next to each then leave a small gap. They
will then get two separate perimeters. If you want to print two cubes that
are joined overlap them by your printers minimum wall width. Your model
then represents what  you want your printer to print. If you export two
cubes sharing an edge who knows what the printer will do? It is much better
to give an error as soon as possible to avoid creating a model that can't
be printed. Yes the printer may print something but it won't match the
physically impossible model.

In answer to the original question. I don't find OpenSCAD limiting for
creating my designs at the moment. What I would like to see is module
literals to match function literals and a dict / record type. That would
tidy up my code.

A faster geometry engine like Carve looks like it would transform OpenSCAD
as a faster union would allow 3D Minkowski to be fast and that would allow
3D rounding to be practical.

On Tue, 12 Nov 2019 at 05:25, Adam Purdie <adam at symmetry.ninja> wrote:

> My suggestions:
> 1. Have a way of integrating custom libraries at the openscad level, i
> currently do "import(../../../project/projectfile.scad)" and it's a little
> tedious, a basic library path like the Arduino app has would be cool
> 2. make it so exports can retain colours (or colors if you wish) - may not
> be feasible for the current export formats
> 3. make the default features overrideable like in normal OO - for example
> the default center value is "center=false" it would be really nice to be
> able to say something like:
> module square($params) {
>   params[center] = true;
>   default_square($params)
> }
> 4. Create some kinda scheduler for the command line that runs multiple
> processes across threads - i currently do this with my own python code and
> it saves me heaps of rendering time to use all 12 vcpu's :)
> On Tue, 12 Nov 2019 at 15:50, Steven Dick <kg4ydw at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Openscad is not a mesh editor.  You might be able to do simple things
>> like fixing round off errors  during import (which is an eternal problem
>> with STLs since every vertex is listed separately for every instance of
>> every edge) ,  but fixing problems like holes and intersecting polygons is
>> the job of a mesh editor like blender or meshlab.  Use the right tool for
>> the right job.
>> Zero size polygons are similar to round off errors.  Some holes and
>> cracks are not real and are caused by the importer not recognizing two
>> instances of the same edge due to round off errors, and I can see the
>> importer fixing these, but a real hole  or intersecting faces from a
>> malformed mesh is much harder to fix.
>> On Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 9:38 PM Sarah Cartwright <sarah at untamed.zone>
>> wrote:
>>> I'd love the "thrown together" option to display holes, and intersecting
>>> polygons.
>>> Very useful for STL file imports.
>>> Would it be possible to fix intersecting polygons, zero volume polygons
>>> and holes in OpenSCAD's import?
>>> It sounds difficult - but would make including existing models so much
>>> easier.
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