[OpenSCAD] User Poll: What do you want to see from OpenSCAD development?

jang0 ydmorenoc at unal.edu.co
Mon Nov 11 20:42:25 EST 2019

I would like that OpenSCAD have a "technical draft" focus, the aim of a
technical draft is to facilitate the comunication between the person that
design a part and the people that manufacture it; in this sense developers
can implement specialized functions like those: create iso A, iso E
projectios, dimensioning drawings, create title blocks, etc. Already some
users implemented that; nevertheless there are not so polish functions and
overcomplicate the process of make a draft. In example doesn't take into
account hidden lines or geometry and take a lot of extra work compared to a
GUI technical draft software. 
An advantage of OpenSCAD compared to those software is that you can avoid
"mouse" usage; this is very usefull with work that require long designing
periods that harm your wrist. Will be very helpfull if we could create
"professional" technical drafts too.

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