[OpenSCAD] User Poll: What do you want to see from OpenSCAD development?

arnholm at arnholm.org arnholm at arnholm.org
Sun Nov 10 03:36:06 EST 2019

On 2019-11-10 08:25, Serge wrote:
> 1. Complete rewrite of the language. Make it true OOP and easy to code

That would be AngelCAD. https://arnholm.github.io/angelcad-docs/ . When 
starting with OpenSCAD, I had a similar reaction to the extensive 
discussions of language quirks instead of modelling capabilities. For a 
script based modeller I thought it would be more interesting to use and 
extend an existing language with CSG modelling capabilities rather than 
invent a new language. It could be done using Python, but I chose 
AngelScript because of the easy and direct integration with C++, plus it 
is a full blown OOP language that is 100% embedded in the application 
just like the OpenSCAD language.

> 2. easy objects alignment in 3D
A good start in this area is to introduce and use bounding boxes.

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