[OpenSCAD] User Poll: What do you want to see from OpenSCAD development?

Jordan Brown openscad at jordan.maileater.net
Sat Nov 9 23:27:16 EST 2019

On 11/9/2019 7:24 PM, MichaelAtOz wrote:
> JordanBrown wrote
>> Well, when I wrote that I had blissfully blocked something out.
>> Somebody helpfully added tab support, and demoted multi-window support
>> to a second-class citizen. ... It seems like it should be straightforward
>> to
>> support both multi-window and tab operation - have a preference toggle. 
>> Toggled one way, File/New and File/Open open in new tabs; toggled the
>> other way they open in new windows like they used to.  Or maybe it just
>> toggles which menu items Ctrl+N and Ctrl+O are bound to, or swaps the
>> two sets of menu items.  But don't remind me every time that I want to
>> work on two files that I'm a second-class citizen, especially when the
>> old behavior was the way I liked.  https://xkcd.com/2224/ comes to mind.
> Did you notice File/New-window & File/Open-in-new-window?


And Ctrl+N and Ctrl+O and the buttons in the editor open tabs.  And the
prime locations in the menu, at the top, open tabs; if you want new
windows you have to go down to somewhere in the middle of the menu.

I recognize that new-window operations are still there, but they've been
demoted to second-class-citizen status.

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