[OpenSCAD] User Poll: What do you want to see from OpenSCAD development?

William F. Adams willadams at aol.com
Sat Nov 9 18:44:04 EST 2019

As I've noted, the major change/addition/feature I'd like to see would be to integrate BlocksCAD --- I'm just more comfortable running a desktop application than a website. I'd also like to see a way to export the block view as an SVG, and I'd like to see BlocksCAD support the Customizer.
For the Customizer I'd like to see more formatting/interface options --- in particular, I tried to set it up once to change from Imperial (inches) to metric (mm) and gave up on it, since it wasn't feasible to re-cast all the measurements in the new units so that the size of the box wouldn't change when switching units.
I guess the big question I have is how OpenSCAD should interact with other apps --- the recent Inkscape converter discussion would be part and parcel of that. Similarly, there's an OpenSCAD workbench in FreeCAD --- what should it do / be used for? What features does it obviate adding to OpenSCAD?
My understanding is that the thing I'd like most of all, support for 3 dimensional objects/spaces defined by multiple Bézier curves is outside of the problem space of the CSG modeling used, so not an option for OpenSCAD, so instead it will be necessary to continue to calculate such shapes in the language itself as opposed to having such as a native object.
Faster would be nice, and of course, bug fixes should be a priority.

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to get some input and have a bit of discussion from users
here, regarding what they would most like to see from current or
near-future OpenSCAD development.

What do you feel is the most important aspect to focus on, or would
have the biggest impact to your experience using OpenSCAD:

1) Stability, squash more bugs in general
2) Optimize existing code, make OpenSCAD faster
3) Addition of new features
4) More / improved documentation
5) All of the above should be balanced equally
6) Nothing, I am content
7) Something else not mentioned

If you have a specific issue in mind related to your choice, please
describe and link to it if there is an existing github issue.

Disclaimer: I am not a project owner for OpenSCAD, I just contribute
code when / where I can.  So this poll is not "official", just created
out of my personal curiosity. There is no guarantee that I or other
volunteer developers will directly address any issues raised here.

Happy modeling,
Hans Loeblich

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